GA Link

The United States is host for this year’s YFCI General Assembly, a gathering of key senior YFC staff and board members that only happens in the U.S. every 6 years. Thailand hosted GA in 2014 and “hit it out of the park” – we want to do the same!

The cost for an international staff worker to attend is a huge hurdle. Some of our brothers and sisters around the world live on a salary of just $100 per month. Without your help, attending GA will be impossible.

In the past, we have seen the face of ministry completely changed in a nation because of the generous support that came from U.S. chapters participating in the International movement of YFC. Just one example is Mexico, through MidWinter offerings and support of local YFC chapters the ministry in Mexico grew quickly. Today YFC ministry in Mexico is in multiple states and growing and reaching young people everywhere.

One chapter has already “stepped up to the plate” to help an international staff worker attend GA. The goal is participation by 31 chapters.

30 more nations need sponsorship to attend General Assembly.

  • Host an International Staff Member at our Chapter BEFORE/AFTER General Assembly by:
    • Providing meals, lodging, and transportation costs while at your chapter.
    • Round-trip airfare within the U.S. (between Miami and your chapter’s city) before/after General Assembly.
    • General Assembly participants need to arrive in Miami by 3:00pm Thursday, September 14; can depart anytime Tuesday, September 19
  • Cover an International Staff Member’s General Assembly Registration costs ($995)
  • Cover an International Staff Member’s round-trip airfare from their nation to the USA (up to $1,500)
  • Make a donation to the GA Link general fund in any amount
  • Provide a unique gift item for the GA Hospitality Bags that showcases your either your chapter or State
    • Suggested items: YFC imprinted items such as pens, t-shirts.  Souvenir items from your State.
    • Quantity needed: 300
    • Delivered to YFC International by August 20, 2017