Pre-Conference - September 16

Workshop Title:  “Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective”

Workshop Time:  0830 to 1630

Workshop Description:  This one-day workshop explores the concept of shepherding as a universal Godly leadership principle.  Whether parenting, pastoring, managing, or working in direct ministry with kids, the timeless responsibility of shepherding is immediately applicable and uniquely transformational.  YFC leaders from Bangladesh to Rwanda and USA and Canada have found this Biblical principle to be foundational to their own spiritual development and, grounded in the three pivotal elements of provision, protection, and presence, the shepherding principle has been imperative to the health and growth of their mission.  This highly interactive day allows participants to explore their personal experiences, God’s perspective on shepherding, and how they can best personalize the shepherd leadership message.  It is only when these principles are fully realized that one can truly live into their calling as leader.

Workshop Highlight:  Discovering how the universal Godly leadership principle of shepherding those you lead will transform your life and the lives of those around you, multiplying the impact of your ministry.  When you live into your calling as a leader, everything changes!

Additional workshop benefit:  Those attending may also utilize the Leader’s Guide to multiply the message in their chapter, with those they serve, and throughout their country of influence.

Presenters:  Holly and Doug Culhane
Holly is Founder and CEO of Presence Point, Inc. (, a nonprofit organization focused on developing and supporting shepherd leaders, in all walks of life, all over the world.   She is also Consultant Emeritus with P•A•S Associates, an HR consulting firm she founded in 1987.  Holly has facilitated a wide variety of leadership development workshops during her career and has had the privilege of serving YFC in a number of capacities.  She began as a Campus Life volunteer in 1978 and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for YFC USA.

Doug conveys his knowledge from a broad range of experiences.  With 38 years in secondary education both as a teacher and administrator, he serves as Facilitator and Director of Logistics of Presence Point, Inc., supporting the mission as he and Holly travel the world spreading the shepherd leadership message. Doug has also served YFC as a volunteer for 25+ years.


Cost:  $20 per person, which includes the complete Participant Kit – everything you’ll need to experience an exceptional day and continue you on the shepherding journey for an additional 30 days!  Scholarships are available through Presence Point and inquiries may be sent to [email protected].  (Breakfast and lunch are available with YFCI room reservation.)

YFC endorsements

“The ripple effect of the “Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective” workshop continues to permeate our YFC USA mission. The seminar profoundly influenced our leadership posture, presence and stewardship. Literally, at every level of the organization, this message radiates and connects. Long after the flip charts are down, and the presentation is complete… the calling of the shepherd lingers and inspires. We are so much better because we embraced leadership from the perspective of a shepherd.”  –Dan Wolgemuth, President, YFC USA


“The leadership equipping day led by Holly was well received by our staff across Canada. The simple but profound ideas of Provision, Protection, and Presence provide a blueprint for competent and caring leadership. The concepts she unpacks have the potential to transform the way our staff direct and supervise others. She speaks a clear and hope-filled message of how sincere Spirit-filled supervision, following the example given to us by Jesus as our shepherd, can release and unlock the potential in the lives of those we are privileged to lead.”  -Tim Coles, National Director, YFC Canada

“Presence Point was revolutionary to my staff as individuals and also to the ministry. I have seen majority of my staff share testimonies of how their families have become better and more responsive to the Gospel because mother and father are present and they follow the shepherd leadership model. In addition, the discipleship ministry in Rwanda that has become the darling of many pastors, has the major components of shepherd leadership. There is no way you can feed a flock that you do not know. There is no way you are going to know your flock unless you are present in their lives. And your presence leads to provision and to protection. The eloquence of our staff to speak on this issue is rooted in their personal journey as shepherd leaders. Because of this, we receive invitations on a daily basis to train people all over the country. At the heart of our discipleship model, shepherd leadership is key… For any leader, Presence Point is that high quality training experience that you need for your growth and effectiveness. It is high value for your family, for your ministry, as well as an excellent tool that impacts churches. It is a personal journey for all of you who lead at least one person. If you ask me, it changes lives. I highly recommend it.” –Jean-Baptiste Mugarura, National Director, YFC Rwanda