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  1. Do I need a visa?
    1. Answer: Check the following websites to see if you need a visa:
  2. What kind of visa do I need?
    1. Answer: If you need a visa, you need to apply for a Business visa as you will be attending a conference.
  3. Do I apply at an embassy of the Netherlands or at VFS or at another agency?
    1. Check the VFS website to see if you need to make use of them:
    2. In certain countries you will make use of TLScontact:
  4. Where do I get information on the visa requirements?
    1. Answer:
  5. What if I want to visit somewhere else in Europe?
    1. Answer: When applying you will have to give your first port of entry. If you are going to visit other people that falls within the Schengen Visa area, you need to also receive letters of invitation from them as well as covering as required by the visa application. Make sure that you give the correct dates to YFCI when you ask for a letter.
  6. Where do I get an invitation letter?
    1. Information about invitation letters is included on the registration form.
    2. Or contact [email protected] and they will direct you to the right place.
  7. What are the requirements for acquiring a Schengen visa?
    1. Click here for the checklist of items you will need for a Schengen visa.
    2. Proof of medical/health insurance is also required. We will be posting a link to assist those of you who still need it shortly.
  8. Who can I contact for help?
    1. Answer: [email protected]

For further information about Schengen Visas,
contact [email protected].


Information about lodging will be sent to registrants via email after registration.