Young Leader Travel Stipend Process

We are excited to have so many Young Leaders (YL) join us this year for the 2023 General Assembly! In an effort to start the travel stipend process we want to provide you with how the process is going to work.

The process begins with the National Director or their delegate for YLs. Each nation should have one contact organizing the reimbursement or bookings for travel for their nation. Please submit the following information for YL travel in one group from each nation:

  1. If visas are required, have you begun the process? (Link for travel info)
  2. Your options for how stipend payments may be made:
    1. Reimbursement: ND/Delegate forwards all receipts for airfare/transport for a nation to [email protected] for reimbursement.
    2. Nations needing funds in advance to make purchases: ND/Delegate forwards travel agent quote or online search results to request an advance to purchase the travel.
    3. YFCI helps book travel: ND/Delegate asks Shane Beans to work with YFCI’s travel agent to book the travel for the YL(S) from their nation. In this case the ND/Delegate will send [email protected] all the information on the YL(s) including the following: copy/scan of YL(s) passports, Date of Birth if not on Passport, copy or scan of visas (if required), originating airport, date and preferred departure time.
  3. If a nation hasn’t used the limit of $1200/($600 Europe) for their airfare/transport the ND/Delegate may submit the receipts for other travel expenses to [email protected]. This can include visa costs, travel for visa, or passport fees.

All reimbursements / payments will be made to the bank account on record for your nation, unless you specify otherwise.

*If a YL is unable to attend GA and a flight/transport refund is given, those funds need to be returned to YFCI.