Young Leaders at GA

Young Leaders at General Assembly

Youth for Christ has a rich heritage of empowering young leaders to be the voice and face of our global ministry to young people. We desire to continue to encourage young leaders to be trained and activated to lead. In line with this desire, Youth for Christ International is excited to announce the following sponsorship program for General Assembly 2020.

Five (5) Young Leaders from many YFC nations will receive registration and travel stipends to attend GA2020. Please note that any recommended Young Leader must fulfill the Young Leader Profile.

One(1) National Leader and one(1) National Board member from many YFC nations will receive registration help to attend GA2020.

What you need to do:

  1. Please work on identifying your younger leaders and delegates now and get them registered by March 31st. Register at:
  2. Click here for full details of the sponsorship program. Frequently asked questions can be found here.

The idea behind the young leader’s program for GA 2020 is tied into the overall theme of GA, “Go.” We are hoping that the week spent at GA in the Netherlands will further equip them to “Go” serve the kingdom of God, primarily in YFC but also to wherever they may end up working. Therefore, we are training them in the foundational principles of YFC, the core essentials (Evangelism and Discipleship, Scripture, Prayer, church, people, mobilization, integrity). We will look at each of these topics from the perspective of how it influences them as leaders.

Each day we will focus on two of the essentials and all the activities for the day will revolve around them. We will have four methods of instruction that will help the young leaders learn the topics: knowing, being, doing, reflecting. The morning sessions will cover the knowing and the being aspect, focusing on knowledge of the topic (knowing) and the way in which the topics impact who the person is and their leadership (being). The afternoons will include activities that help them further personalize the knowledge they have learned in the morning (doing). This will be done in using various methods and styles, with some of the activities being active in nature while others will be more cerebral. In the evening we will include a time of reflection (reflecting) that will lead them in figuring out how these things will impact them and their work/leadership.

The program at GA is not only to strengthen their leadership capabilities as related to the core essentials of YFC but another primary goal is to enhance their vision and passion of the mission of YFC. This will be done an environment where they are exposed to many other nations and cultures, and therefore new ideas and ways of living out leadership in their own context. This will hopefully broaden their thinking and vision for their own work. Doing these things with other young people from all over the world will also connect them to the global community of YFC and help them to feel they are a part of a big team.

There will be assignments before GA that prepare them for what they will be learning at GA and get them thinking about the topics. This will include two different aspects, one involving the Bible, the other involving prayer. The Bible component will give them passages from the Bible for each of the eight core essentials and they will have to reflect on its meaning. In addition to the biblical component, the young leaders will have guided times of prayer in preparation for GA. They will be forming small groups with other young leaders to pray through suggested prayer topics and prayer ideas that they come up with within the small groups.

The assignment after GA will include a project where they will take one of the topics from the week and create a ministry project in their nation using that topic as the foundation. This will be something that reaches the young people in their context in a new way. Or, it will be a change in their current strategy or leadership that is more effective than what they were previously doing. This will be supervised by someone in their national ministry who is championing the young leaders and supporting their activities. As projects are completed they will be shared with the other nations and young leaders, hopefully with the result of spawning new ideas across our global YFC family.

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