Young Leaders, National Leaders & Board Member Sponsorship Details for GA2020

Scholarship Eligibility

YFCI  has selected a Purchasing Power Index by Gross National Income to try to determine countries that may need financial assistance to attend General Assembly 2020. If your YFC nation falls at number #26 (Italy) or below, you are qualified to apply for sponsorship.

Please click this link to determine if your country qualifies for sponsorship.


Scholarship Details – Young Leaders (YL)

All young leaders are asked to cover their initial registration of $100. (This increases to $200 on April 1st.)

YFCI will scholarship $450 of the remaining registration cost for five (5) Young Leaders.

YFCI will provide travel stipends to approved YLs in the following amounts based on location.

Asia Pacific, Africa, Americas: $1,050 per YL (this should cover airfare & some funds for visa, other travel costs).

Europe, Middle East, North Africa – $550 per YL (due to proximity and lower travel costs).


Scholarship Details – National Leaders and Board Members

For Fully Chartered nations, below the line, we’d like to help the National Director and Board Chair (or proxy) with a $500 stipend towards registration.

For Associate Charter, Pioneer and Target nations we’d like to help the National Leader and a Board member with the same $500 stipend towards registration.