Young Leader Financial Contributions
YFC nations falling at #25 and below on the following list would qualify to receive scholarship assistance to GA.
Young Leader (YL) Registration:
  • All eligible YL’s will need to cover the registration deposit
    •  $200USD per YL for early bird registrations (31st March)
    • $300USD per YL standard registration (30 June)
    • $400USD per YL for late registration (1 July-31 August)
  • Each scholarship will be provided automatically to cover $800USD per YL only AFTER each deposit is paid
Young Leader Travel Stipends:
  • Travel stipends will be available for eligible registered YLs AFTER each YL flights etc are paid
    • Once the travel costs have been paid, then email Shane at to request the stipend be applied and reimbursed
    • All travel costs need to be paid by each YL, then stipends up to $1200USD ($600USD for those in Europe) can be requested and applied to receive.
  • For the full Young Leader Travel Stipend process, click here.

Maximum Young Leaders per nation:

  • YFCI will sponsor up to 6 YLs from a nation when there is a split of male and female YLs from that nation.
    • To receive 6 sponsorships a nation must bring at least 3 female YLs.
    • Applications for sponsorship can be applied for by emailing Angie at

Non Young Leader International Delegates Sponsorship

Outside of Young Leaders we’d also like to help voting and non-voting delegates from this list of nations attend GA.

  • For any Chartered programs or Target nations, line #25 and below, YFCI would like to help the National Director/Leader, Board Chair (or proxy from another board member), and one key staff person/volunteer (not spouse or relative)
    • with a $1000USD sponsorship towards registration.
    • Maximum 3 registration sponsorships from any country line #25 and below.
  • All international delegates are responsible for their travel costs for GA.
    • There are no travel stipends available for International Delegates.